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A tea spoonful of encouragement.  :-)

Sometimes  there are those times  when nothing seems to be going right like you had planned.
At times you sleep angry,  discouraged  and you wish that tomorrow never comes. Dawn comes and you wake up smiling,  your head lifted up looking directly into the reflecting sun rays. Unlike other days, grass due is refreshing. Those are your melodies in the storm.
Some events of your life look upside down and you feel like giving up already.   you meet a person who says something that makes you look forward to tomorrow. A post hanged on a wall makes your face shine bright.  Those are the melodies in the midst of your storm.
Expectations turn into disappoinments. The fight is becoming difficult and your patience is running out. But there is a scripture you read that gives you hope for the days to come. You walk…

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Celebrating my Mama

mom5 A tiny little tear forms as I start this post. This is not new. Anytime I feel like I should thank my Mom that little tear is always there. You know, sometimes our words are best said by our tears. It has been 11days since my Mom added a year and it feels like one day is not enough to celebrate this amazing lady, honestly it can’t be.

This time, celebrating her with gifts and quotes and texts seems inadequate. The best way to celebrate her is by sharing the great lessons I have gotten from her with the world. It is by letting everyone have a piece of the woman with whom a part of me belongs to.
MamaLesson1:Blessed is the hand that giveth than that which receiveth. I think this is the greatest thing I took after my mom. I remember how as a child I would be sent to take to our neighbours foodstuff after coming from shagz. I cant count the number of times I’ve been like ‘wow, this is so pretty’ and she tells me to take it before I could borrow. I have seen her work to the bone to help other people, some whom she hasn’t known for too long. I count the blessings in my life that have come through giving and they amount to the sands of the ocean. To date, gifting makes me so happy. My Mom thinks I give too much at times, but who did I learn that from :-)

MamaLesson2:Every cloud has a silver lining. Ours has not been the easiest of journeys. Not the smoothest. It has been a tough sail but the hope and faith Mom has amazes me. Sometimes the situation is so bleak. You cant see the way out. You don’t know how bad tomorrow will be but she always knew that something good will turn up. She always trusts that God’s plans end up perfect despite the initial blurriness. With the craziness of life, I don’t know what I would do without hope, faith that I have learn from Mom. And when it seems to fade off, I keep remembering that Mom knows every cloud has a silver lining and moms are always right.

MamaLesson3: Always be a pillar, even with cracks remain a pillar. I admire the strength my Mom has. It is like a golden coat that covers her year after year. She is a pillar of strength to all of us. I cant remember ever seeing Mom’s tears. I’ve heard the sniffing from her room once in a while but nothing more than that. The morning after she wakes up with a smile that has no traces of any soaked pillows. I know as a woman and human being she’s been broken. We all have those moments when the world’s weight feels a little heavier on our shoulders but I have never seen her crumble. She has fought diseases, financial stress, career stress, daughter fights *hides* and family dramas without even crumbling. I’m not sure I’m the perfect example of a strong woman but at least I have borrowed smiling amid tears.
MamaLesson4: Cleanliness is next to godliness. My Mom is among the neatest and cleanest women I know. Those perfectionists who are troubled by flowers on seat covers facing down instead of up. Though not to the extremes of folding whites only blacks and florals only, everything of hers is always as it is supposed to be. I cant say i have reached her standards but i keep looking at my room, a million miles from her, and keep seeing a reflection of her house. I get troubled by dirty dishes and those little specks of dirt that cling to your feet at times.

MamaLesson5: Whatever your hands get to do, do it with all your heart. It kind of comes with being a perfectionist. She never gives a lukewarm commitment in anything she is involved. If she is part of it, she always makes it be the best. I try applying this but at times the production process has a lot of setbacks that may cause you to give up or lose grip of doing your best. But there is a special satisfaction that comes with giving something your best. you know that even if it doesn’t work out well at least you did all you could. It gives no room for regrets ans what ifs.

MamaLesson6: Education is a worthwhile investment. I was those kids who would fear going home with bad results. I have never been caned because of poor results but I knew they could not be entertained. Her words at times could sting more than the cane. She instilled the competitive spirit in me and the desire to give my best always. Of course she was there for me when some of my national results didn’t end up as expected but with another chance I know I cannot let her down. Today, people may take anything from you. You may lose everything but cannot lose what you know. With your head and knowledge in it you can reach any heights you want.
Mamalesson7: Dignity is the highest form of respect. Principles have always been a governing string in her life. not that we saw them written anywhere but through her life we could point them out. Of course she has made her share of mistakes but she always took full responsibility of them. Her Christian principles always guide her and I am glad she instilled them in us. She keeps saying that we should not do anything that we have never seen her do. Even with miles between us, I keep asking myself if what I do would be applauded or condemned by her. Self respect is something that unconsciously guides you. It keeps you in check with your principles. Self dignity attracts respect from others without you even asking for it.

MamaLesson8: Contentment, less is more. There are things in our house which are even older than I am :-) There was this clock that was like 11years old. I remember it was circular and white. On its 11th year it just quit moving, even with new batteries the hands were too tired to function. To her, as long as something serves its primary purpose there is no reason to replace it. This is actually true but our desire for consumerism often overshadows it. We end up purchasing things because our friends have them and we want to fit in. we end up spending a lot on trends that get out of fashion as quick as they became the in-thing. Contentment saves you the trouble of being insecure or having to keep up with everyone.
MamaLesson9: Your life is meaningless without God in it. From an early age I knew that Sunday school was no compromise. I remember the evening prayers that we would at times wish they were not there because at times the sermon could focus on something wrong we did :-) Today I’m grateful for all those nights we got to pray as a family. There is total power in prayer, I have seen them move mountains in Mom’s life. Today I know that her prayers follow me wherever I go and I don’t know who I would be without them. Prayer doesn’t mean that you have to be in a closed room and wail out loud. Even in a whisper God hears. It is simply communicating with God, in whatever way. God is faithful, He listens and attends to all our needs the best way He knows.
MamaLesson10: Motherhood has its shares of hard work but is such a joy. I can never thank Mom enough for the sacrifices she has made to see us comfortable. Back-to-school days are the worst because at times we drain her to the bone and leave her pocket full of tears. But she never complains, she just makes sure we notice the sacrifice and in turn do the honours of making her proud. I see the way she smiles when she sees me after 3 or 4months. Her endless calls, the way she talks to her friends about me, her constant updates of home and the way she worries about me when there is a b last or havoc in town make me feel privileged. Sometimes they feel a bit too much but I cut her some slack, she’s my Mom after all.
I know I am not the best daughter ever liveth but I am sure that fact alone makes her proud. It is not an easy job being a single Mom, we may not be the best of friends but if there would be a Noble Price for best Mom I would whole-heartedly pray that she scopes it.

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Graveyard Post 101: Death can be gruesome

life 1
Today while everyone was busy preparing the arrival of Baba, a family laid a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, mentor and a great pillar of strength to many. While everyone else enjoyed their weekend, a soldier who had died in battle was laid to rest.

Hellen Gathigia Karumba. I’m sure not even familiar so it’s easier to brush that off. Maybe after-all she is not the first nor the last. Maybe you buried someone yesterday too. But Hellen represents the many precious people that go to be with the Lord. I had never been to Lang’ata Cemetery before and today when I stepped foot I knew my life would not be the same again.

At first I thought, I’m not even close family, a friend of a friend to the family, yes long chain. I knew I’d be the strong one, have my handkerchief dry the whole time. I didn’t know much. When her children were told to stand, that is when I felt the first lump. James, Joan, Joyce and Jennifer (not their real names). Their while and black outfit totally perfect on them Their sad teary eyes,the hankies on their hands and the way they held onto each other blew me off. If you have a heart you definitely would be moved. Their moving speeches on how their mother had been a strength and how she had always sought happiness despite what came their way spoke right to the heart. When they kept passing the tribute because it was too overwhelming on one person, you could clearly see this is a close knit knot. Each trying to read on and on but give the other person when they got overwhelmed. Yes, death can be gruesome.
I kept looking at the 100 plus crowd around the graveyard, each fighting their own tears, and all that ran through my mind was; what next. Has Hellen just gone like that? Will her name just be erased from the face of the earth? How long will her memory live on? How long will her face still be clear in people’s eyes? All these narrowed to one thing, purpose.
Yes, death is gruesome but death after living your purpose is fulfilling. Purpose keeps your memory going. Purpose makes your name live on and on. if you live this world without fulfilling it, your life ends up meaningless. Your life does not add value to the world. All the years will have nothing to them, they become passing minutes and hours. We keep thinking we got time, yet none of us knows the day nor time. So why not live your purpose and make death not so gruesome?
I kept looking around Lang’ata Cemetery and wondered if all those people lying there had achieved their purposes. I tried to picture all the tears that had been shed on each grave and wondered if it was all meaningless because one or two had not lived their purpose. I saw all the beautifully engraved crosses, shelters and kept asking if each had meaning to it. Or was it all just a procedural ceremony that one goes through? Some were even dated 1995, about 20years ago. Are all those people forgotten or their names still live on? Purpose.puropse2

Yes, death can be gruesome but when a loved one falls victim, the best way to honour them is by holding onto the lessons you took from their lives. It is by never letting go the positive change they made in our lives. It is through tears that say you will honour them and acknowledging that God makes no mistake. flower

This is a tribute to all those heroes who’ve passed living their God-given purposes but today, Hellen Gathigia Karumba.


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Movie Review: A Cross to Bear


Who doesn’t like a good movie to help you escape from the crazy week you are having, maybe loud housemates that never shut up, laugh out loud and recover from the day’s depression? I’m not the movie-addict types but I’m a big fan.

I chose to make my movie-time a bit different in the sense that each movie or series I watch, I make sure I take a lesson or two from it. That way my pile of watched movies are not just plastic DVDs but have a lot of meaning too. Hence, critical selection comes into place before I buy 5 and get 1 free :-). Movie selection is a post for another day, today I want to focus on my newest pass-it-on movie.

A CROSS TO BEAR was passed on by a friend. The first scene made me go like ‘drinking, same old same old’. I didn’t know the next 1 hour 30minutes would touch my heart completely and have such an impact in my life. The story is about a girl (Erica) whose mum was an alcoholic, left home for days and going out with different men was the daily routine. Mother genes, Erica somehow ended up in that life. With a rich musician boyfriend it was all a bed or roses until the thorns started showing. The boyfriend broke up with her when he felt she was a burden. No education. No job. No money. Plus a kid growing within her. She ended up as a homeless young mum in the street. In her addictions she lost her baby in the most careless painful way. While she had passed out her fellow homeless people in the alley wanted to make a fire to keep them warm. They saw a box that could be a good start and didn’t know their was a baby sleeping inside.

What follows is a journey full of bitterness, letting frustrations out through the bottle, building a wall between her and people and the eventual leap of surrendering to Christ. When God is taking you through a phase of moulding and grinding, He always provide you a pillar to lean on. Joan, her shelter owner,was her pillar and even if she gave up on Erica at some point, God did not

We all have a cross to bear in our lives. The million dollar question is, what is your purpose? When you find your purpose then you have truly found your cross. Each of us has their own crosses and those with the biggest struggles have the greatest purpose. Like Joan says, happiness is having the courage to endure. To endure the trials, to look beyond the imperfections and to hold on to the destiny.
mistake learn

Sometimes our past mistakes may hold us back. Our skeletons may pop out of the closets when we do not want them to. But it is all our past, nothing can be done about that. Without our mistakes we could not be at the place we are today. Without what you went through you could not be the person you are today. Sometimes it hurts, it’s gruesome but it is a price you paid to reach greater heights. The mistake would be not learning anything from it, letting your past hold onto you, letting your guilt be your master and not taking lessons from your experiences. To honour your past and mistakes, pass on the lessons to others and do all you can to ensure no one in your watch repeats your mistakes

Yes, life may be full of turns and twists but God does not give us a cross too heavy to bear. If He brought you to it, He’ll sure take you through it.

Have a great weekend and shed off that chunk of your past you’re still holding onto.
strong soldier

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Disciple post; Show Jesus

Jesus coach
There is nothing that beats writing while listening to an awesome playlist :-) Okay, maybe writers would understand that better but honestly there is something that music does to me that is just unexplainable. Especially music that is in my nt added list or favourites. So you know, this week I’m loving on Jamie Grace and Francesca Battisteli. *happy sigh* These two are just amazing. Musicians in general are simply amazing. I used to, and still have some music ambitions *smile* Haha, with all these ‘Your dreams are valid’ who knows how I may end up.

Anyway, for the past six weeks, my church (CITAM Valley Road) was focusing on teaching us on discipleship. Who is a disciple, how to be a good disciple, the challenges or barriers and how you can go round this. I learnt we were all called to be disciples the minute we make that confession and commitment. Honestly critically thinking, when you receive this awesome thing that completely changes your life, it’s only fair that you tell other people about it and let them enjoy it too.

Honestly this is not as easy as it may sound. I am not the best disciple also. Honestly it’s my lowest gift. I know courage and talking to people are not my weaknesses but somehow being a disciple, or fishing people out is often a struggle. I fear the rejection, the unknown response that may be humiliating or hurting and at times people don’t really want to listen to anyone. But does this prevent me from being a disciple, no.

I chose to use my life to be a disciple, to use my life to show Jesus. To let it be a reflection of Jesus, to let Him shine through me. I chose not to tell them about Jesus by my words but my actions. I chose my life to be a reflection of Him. So by everything I do, where I go, the entertainment I use, I represent Christ and someone else may see Christ in me and be drawn. So has my fishing through actions worked, absolutely!

The highlight of my weekend was when a neighbour of mine knocked at my door to dedicate me a song. (aaaawww moment :-)) I was so amazed. What took me back was not even her kind action but the choice of song. I had never listened to it but when I did I couldn’t stop smiling from the first to last line. She didn’t even know That I love Christian rock and Show Jesus by Jamie Grace has never felt so sincere.

At that moment I knew I have been a disciple and that fishing by actions totally works. I learnt it has greater impact than just plain words and scripture with no meaning on them. And yes, it is no turning back for me. My life is His now and with everything I do I hope I could show Jesus. With every mention of my name I hope a reflection of Christ also pops up. Trust me it is so exciting to be a disciple :-)

jamie grace
“Show Jesus” Jamie Grace

Your smile’s always shinning out
And they know what it’s all about
It’s not hard for them to figure out
The way you show Jesus
You know love is what they heard
And you didn’t even say a word
Ain’t it funny that’s the way it works
When you know Jesus

Oh it’s like flipping on a light switch when you’re walking into this room
It’s so undeniable

I gotta tell you that I like the way
Any time anywhere any place
It’s written all over your face
The way you love Jesus
And it always speaks to me
A little joy with a touch of peace
It’s so inspiring
The way you show Jesus

So gimme that gimme that
And show me that show me that
Oh gimme that gimme that
The way you show Jesus

When I’m feeling down on my luck
When life’s hard and times get tough
You’re right there to pick me up
When you bring Jesus
Cause every now and then
We all need a really good friend
You’re always one of them
When you show Jesus

And oh it’s like flipping on a light switch when you’re walking into this room
It’s so unmistakable

I gotta tell you that I like the way
Any time anywhere any place
It’s written all over your face
The way you love Jesus
And it always speaks to me
A little joy with a touch of peace
It’s so inspiring
The way you show Jesus

So gimme that gimme that
And show me that show me that
Oh gimme that gimme that
The way you show Jesus

Oh it’s like flipping on a light switch when you’re walking into this room
You’re so unmistakable
And oh show up any time of day you could never get here too soon
You’re so unbelievable you’re so unbelievable

Just gimme that gimme that
And show me that show me that
Oh gimme that gimme that
The way you show the way you show him

I gotta tell you that I’m liking the way
Any time anywhere any place
It’s written all over your face
The way you love Jesus
And it always speaks to me
A little joy with a touch of peace
It’s so inspiring
The way you show Jesus

So gimme that gimme that
And show me that show me that
Oh gimme that gimme that
The way you show Jesus

So gimme that gimme that
Hey show me that show me that
Oh gimme that gimme that
The way you show Jesus

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Campus post; Today, two years ago…

One of my favourite things is keeping dates. Anniversaries, memories, diary entries or anything that involves dates really excites me. This month has a lot of that. Two years ago some time last week I got my University admission letter. This week I checked into my hostels, a place that has become a home, an escape zone from life’s craziness at times and a haven to behold. A place where I have built and grown friendships, where dreams have been realised. A place that has a great entry into my memory records.

Today marks a year since I attend my second class at the University. I remember how lost I was when looking for my first lecture room. I remember how American Wing sounded so foreign and how everyone seemed to enjoy how lost I looked. My mind still has the picture of how my classmates looked like on that first day. I still remember where I sat and how after school I used the long route I had been shown to reach my stage so that I would not be lost at night:-) Haha you cant change routes when you have heard all the Nairobery rumours and you are so new. Actually I used the same route for like a week before I was shown a shorter one.

Haha, all these memories make me laugh at myself a bit. But the greatest smile comes from the journey that this has been. My smile is from the miles I have covered, from the person I have become since I joined campus. Without doubt I have grown, well apart from physically hehe. But I have grown spiritually, morally, intellectually and even socially. I remember I was such an introvert when I joined campus. My room was my comfort zone but campus teaches you that if you don’t let people in no one will never let you in. The best way is to be out there, of course in the right places so that you let in the right people.

Campus has taught me that as much as your life has to have people in it, at the end of the day it is your life. What you choose to do with it is your own responsibility; and the consequences are faced by you alone. life is how you make it to be. You make it or break it by your own choices. I now know that what I do today will reflect my tomorrow.

I cant fail to mention the friends the University has brought my way. I don’t know what my life would have been without these amazing people. People who are walking with you the same journey hence they know how hilly or slidy or stony the path gets at times. They are not in my shoes but our shoes go through the same tear and wear. Hehe, in mind is my discussion group which gets more active as exam dates draw near *hides*. These awesome lot who make sure you grasp each detail of your course outline before 6.00pm. My classmates who frown at that lecturer who wont leave class on time. The number of times we have complained of the workload of our assignments and the short deadlines is uncountable.
My friends who we get broke together haha, impulse buy stuff from hawkers at night when coming from class, go to the most student-friendly eating joints, attend any event that sounds interesting, be good and bad students at times…are all in my mind today.

And as these two years slowly pass as slides in my mind, all that keeps ringing in my head is that this was totally worth it and that it will pay off. The miles I/we have covered are totally worth the stress, tears, joy, anguish and anxiety. Thus far I have come is Ebenezer. I owe it to Him.

My life today, two years ago. What is your life two years ago…?

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An Excellent Wife Who Can Find?

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An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and no harm all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:10-12

How many times have we all heard these few verses? How about “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”? Do you ever find yourself struggling to figure out what a good thing really is? “But why is she asking me these questions, I’m not married, I’m simply dating?” Well allow me to answer that! Let me start by introducing myself and giving you a little look into my past.

My name is Tia Mitchell and up until a short few years ago I was the MASTER at destroying every relationship I had. Let me reiterate that… every relationship. Not just boyfriend/girlfriend type stuff…

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